Wadada | Behind the Scenes: The Rollercoaster of Fashion Shows (Part Three)

In Part One and Part Two of our journey, we shared our humble beginnings and the unapologetic pursuit of individuality within the world of fashion. Now, as we venture into Part Three, we invite you to join us on the exhilarating rollercoaster ride that fashion shows became for us as we fully immersed ourselves in the captivating world of Wadada.

Diving Headfirst into Fashion

With unwavering determination, we took the plunge into the heart of the fashion industry. One of our initial challenges, and let's be honest, a constant one, was participating in fashion shows. These events, while essential for brand exposure, were far from budget-friendly. Crafting an entirely new collection and ensuring it was runway-ready within a tight timeline felt like a herculean task. But, as identical twins, we possessed a unique advantage: two creative minds and four capable hands.

In the early stages of our journey, we wrestled with a lack of confidence in our sewing skills, particularly when it came to creating our own samples. Instead, we devoted considerable time collaborating with skilled tailors and seamstresses to meticulously craft our collections. Each piece was a labor of love, embodying our vision and values. However, perfection was always just out of reach - an aspiration that drove us to continually raise the bar.

The Learning Curve

Our journey was punctuated by a critical turning point when a tailor we'd entrusted with producing our collection for an upcoming show informed us, just two weeks before the deadline, that her schedule couldn't accommodate our project. This unexpected setback was a stark reminder of the importance of self-reliance. It was a wake-up call that underscored the need to improve our own skills and nurture our self-confidence.

For several years, we invested in showcasing our creations at renowned events like Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week in Tobago, PLITZ New York Fashion Week, and Style Spirit in Trinidad, among many others. In our quest to establish a lasting clientele, we even ventured into producing our own fashion shows. However, despite the invaluable experiences gained and the invaluable connections forged, fashion shows, in the end, left us with mixed feelings. While they offered a stage to express our creativity, they often posed financial challenges that questioned the very essence of profitability.

Looking Ahead

As we conclude Part Three of our journey, fashion shows remain an essential chapter in the ongoing narrative of Wadada Movement. They represent a world teeming with highs and lows, where creative passion frequently collides with financial pragmatism. We've come to understand that profitability within the fashion show circuit can be elusive, but the knowledge and connections cultivated along the way are truly priceless.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming part of our journey with Wadada Movement. In the next chapter, we'll delve into how we continued to evolve and carve out our unique path within the ever-evolving fashion industry. The road ahead promises more adventures and exciting discoveries as we persistently redefine fashion and exalt the celebration of individuality

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