Behind the Brand

The word Wadada, translating to ‘true love’ sets an overall tone for this label hailing from the Caribbean twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago. WADADA MOVEMENT draws inspiration from the love of travel, art, music, nature and all things cultural; combining comfort with urban-classical to create an expression glorifying women and their royal qualities.

Staying true to the definition, Wadada takes pride in providing women with designs conceived and created from Love.

Combining Comfort with Classical

Wadada Movement is an urban-tropical ready-to-wear label that embodies a comfortable feel while holding strong to an urban-classical style. The brand’s aesthetic hinges on the thoughtful balance between conservative and modern.

Each piece is designed to empower the female’s natural confidence while maintaining an elegance in comfort.

The Philosophy

Wadada Movement was conceived with a rebellious heart: to create a clothing label accessible to all body types while sustaining a socially-conscious business.

Wadada strives to grow the business with the same love and sincerity used in designing each piece of clothing.

About the Designers

Born and raised in the north-west of Trinidad, the twin sisters Ayanna and Asha, have never genuinely conformed to the what’s hot and what’s not in fashion.

Although Ayanna studied hospitality and Asha aviation, both sisters grew up with a unique flare for fashion design. Being “too tall and too skinny” as teenages to fit the trendy department store clothing, the twins were forced to start designing their own outfits, turning a grey cloud into a silver lining.

In December 2010, Ayanna & Asha turned that silver lining into a business. They launched Wadada Movement in a small,  up close and personal event showcasing a distinctive style that blended african prints with long sweeping flare skirts. Through the years Wadada Movement, continues to move from strength to strength consistently demonstrating thoughtful design aesthetics.

Through the natural flow of life, Wadada Movement has evolved from a clothing brand into a lifestyle brand.  A lifestyle that fuses cultured urban royalty and the natural ‘beach-loving bush-gyals’. Both sisters insist their train of thought and outlook of life, are most influenced by their love for travel and the yearn for adventure.