Djhowtey Adornments

Djhowtey is the Kamaatan (Kemet / Egypt) name of the Guardian, Ruler, and Invoker of the Moon and is the Ancient of Ancients’ legendary Author of the Works and Sciences, embodying the Magical, Astrological, and Alchemic disciplines. Djhowtey or Thoth is also associated with the high culture principles of Civilization, Philology (the love of learning), was the inventor of writing, and of natural healing.

This name was chosen to represent this brand to help motivate and encourage natural people (especially females; mothers) to embrace their true Goddess Self by expressing themselves while adorning their bodies in jewelry inspired by our ancient ancestors.

This movement is one that specializes in creating beautiful hand crafted, wire bended jewelry such as earrings, crystal wrapped pieces (earrings, necklaces, rings, hair pieces), waist beads and other pieces that are both pre-made or custom ordered along with any other piece that falls under the line of Divinity.